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Cosmetic repairs in Nailsea Bristol


Make your vehicle look as good as new

Get rid of dents and scratches and make it shine

Got a scratch, dent or scrape on your vehicle that you want removed? Why not visit Scuffs for our cosmetic repairs service? You'll be able to get dent removal or scratch removal. We'll take away those signs of skirmish and leave you with a vehicle that shines and sparkles. You'll benefit from an initial free estimate to help you choose the best option to suit your needs.


All of this is available at honest and affordable prices so that you're not left out of pocket when caring for your vehicle.


Before and after of dent removal

If you have any dents which have not damaged the paint work, you may be able to use this service depending on size of the dent & affected area.  All prices can vary, but we are able to assess the vehicle prior to dent removal to give exact price & confirm if the dent will be removed fully.

When your paintwork has been damaged, either dented or scraped, we can fully repair any damaged area to the body of your car using a number of techniques of sanding, removing dents, and filling if necessary.  The area will be fully repaired, and prepared ready for paint, and then sprayed in our booth.  All our repairs are carried out onsite.


For a free estimate please visit our bodyshop.




Painless dent removal (PDR)

Dents/scrapes – Repair & paint panel

Before and after scuff removal

Headlight restoration


Before and after scuff removal IMG_9893

Alloy wheel refurbishment




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